This residential health care center for people with
  HIV marks a departure from conventional government
  sponsored facilities. Our goal was to omit all
  "institutionality" from the design by pairing affordable
  materials with innovative lighting, unexpected finishes
  and playful furniture. The configuration of the public
  space draws on the Italian piazza, small café and
   the urban “eyes on the street” design philosophy.
  The plan uses intimate spaces located to encourage
  social interaction yet maintain visibility and a sense of
  security for the clients and staff. At the Pratt Center,
  Lynn Gernert + Robert Zagaroli were the architects
  for this $4.2 million project.
  Specifications: 3 floors plus cellar, 12,000 sf adult day care facility,
  60 person dining facility and Commercial kitchen, 32 efficiency apartments. Robert Silman Assoc. PC, Structural Engineer; Steinharter-Schwarz Associates, MEP Engineer; Ann Kale Associates, Inc., Lighting Consultant; Frank Corigliano Contractor, Inc.

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